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Saturday, January 20, 2007


On an impulse I bought a Venom Night Ranger II heli. Now I can't stop dreaming up ways of toying with it and hooking up a feed to World Wind. I am still getting use to steering it. Quite easy to take off, but a nightmare to fly. Since it is new I am really scared of crashing it.

For a worldwind feed I will need readings from the builtin Gyro and will have to hook up Camera,GPS and some link gear. Getting it all in weight will involve plenty of looking around , but I am sure it is possible. If anyone has experience drop me a comment.

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Erik said...

My brother flies one of these:

One of his friends has a small digital camera that can hang from the body, but I doubt it could carry much more weight than that. It's also very hard to fly level enough to get good pictures of the ground. :)