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Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year and New Measure Tool

Well I have finally got over the New Years with minimal drinking and dancing on New Years Eve. I did manage to polish off a whole bottle of Bordeaux and dance with a girl while her boy friend glared. I know when not to push my luck too far.

Just getting back into coding Worldwind. The Release candidates are doing fine. I am coding up the MeasureToolNG with Withak utilizing the enhancements in the core rendering API. This tool will also support terrain profiling and area calculations.

I have also got my name down in another open source project. Qgis release is out , and I helped Tim put together an MSYS build environment to build it on Windows.

And of course my new year resolution is to not have any new year resolution and let the universe surprise me.


Patrick said...

what_nick, nice work! Does it incorporate the bathymetry data? It would be nice to see a stretch across the Hawaiian Islands or the mid-Atlantic ridge. Which begs the question for l-o-o-o-ng transects, would they account for the curvature of the Earth?

Erik said...

A trans-atlantic cross section where you can see the Grand Banks, the mid-ocean ridge, and the Canary Islands.