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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Flickr Plugin

The last act during my x-mas/new year "break" is a semi-working Flickr Plugin for Worldwind. The GUI is still missing for the user's access code entry and tag/date/camera based searches, but that will be easy since the caching and rendering mechanisms are working. Here is a screenshot, guess which tag I used to search. No looking at the code ( Yes it is hard coded at the moment!).

Eventually the photos will show up as textured rectangles, hopefully someone nice will work out something to make it work with Photosynth which looks bare at times and without context/content. Worldwind can provide a Global Context and Flickr can provide Global Content.

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Patrick said...

what_nick, nice work (again)! Are all flickr photos georeferenced? I guess some must be, otherwise how would this work. This could be quite an event!!! Especially if time, or at least sequence, could somehow 'eventually' be incorporated, making for a rather dynamic experience. Sort of like the NRL stuff that cycles through whatever time period has been selected. Maybe a slider bar with a time legend for the user to at least see, if not also control. Regardless, this is a very compelling path you are on. Thanks.