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Thursday, August 23, 2007

World Wind Java and Shader Trickery

Just to keep up my end I have been doing regular release builds of Qgis lately. Then I had a look at some of the prettier shader applications in World Wind Java. Now I have new goals. I pulled out Render Monkey and the big thick GLSL Tome.

I have the following on my list:
  1. Layer opacity control via fragment shader
  2. Gradual layer transitions as user zooms in, basically eye distance based opacity
  3. Raster enhancement operations - such as RGB to Grayscale, sharpen, contrast stretch etc.
  4. The old favourites sun shading and day-night, this already seems to be there is a simple way in render monkey.
  5. Global fluid water layer, hopefully a simple spherical mesh with a simple vertex shader or varying bump map.
Meanwhile I am waiting for the 0.3.0 release to get a stable start, a lot seems to have been already achieved. At some point I need to start on some decent KML support, I already have a schema based parser from castor, pity so little KML in the wild actually follows the schema.

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