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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Post after Long Silence

It has been a while since I last posted, why ?

Well I changed browsers, Firefox was taking up too much memory making it hard to perform those giant ossim links, so I switched to Opera and Blogger has pathetic support for Opera.

Anyway in this offtime I managed to attend a charity dinner, fall flat on the dance floor, get on the Qgis release team and contrary to popular misconceptions got Qt 4.3 to work with MSVC++ Express Whidbey(patches) and compiled OssimPlanetQt on this platform. It works just fine.

The Qgis 0.9 Ganymede ( my name of choice is in !) Release is undergoing tests and you can pick up a zip archive of binaries here. There are some issues with the PyQt bindings , please leave feed back on your experience here or on the Qgis mailing list. I am working on automatic detection and install of Python2.5+PyQt in the NSIS Script, any snippet suggestions for doing this are also welcome, especially from the PyQt folk so that I know where I am standing.

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