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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Leica Titan and FaceBook Networking

I finally signed up to Facebook. I seem to be doing all my networking lately on the net. It must be the winter effect, don't feel like going out much. It evened hailed today, small rain drop sized hailed. The temperatures fell rapidly too.

Going along with the networking theme( I feel like a TV news caster doing a bridge), Leica has released its 3D globe application - Titan allowing users to network and share data and views, a very similar concept Nigel is trying in the World Wind white boarding plugin, with perhaps a deeper implementation since it comes from a commercial software house. All existing Leica customers may take it on board. Though terrain detail seems to be missing.

Leica might also be taking on board new customers from the acquisition of Australian based ER Mapper. ER Mapper is well known for the very popular and now Open Sourced ECW format and their Image Web Sever is one of the best for serving ECW's and supporting true streaming(a bit like progressive jpeg seen on websites) - the image can be viewed as it is being transmitted using the ECWP protocol. Time for JPEG2000 might really be here.

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