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Friday, February 15, 2008

Discontinuing Blog

I am considering discontinuing this blog due to change of focus, and too much attention drawn to it. May be I will join a developer blog where I can blend in with others.

PS: After a few years of talking to Google I regained control of the content here via mail redirect. I have been busy writing in the gap, the content here except this post are mirrored.


Ross said...

I have an interesting project concerning World Wind and large time based images (64 mpix /1 per second) that I thought you might be able to help me with. I can provide more details if you are interested. I can be contacted at mcnuttr (at)

Thanks in advance.


brunch said...

What's wrong with attention?

And could you help me? :(

I have this video game that looks like vomit. Tell me how to make a d3d8.dll that I can put in the EXE directory that'll stretch contrast and blur things, like in your post. Plz?

brunch said...

Actually, now what I need to know is how to edit an EXE that is compatible with DX9 but programmed never to run on DX9 for some reason run on DX9.

Or make an independent filter program that works on whatever is on the screen.

I already have the shader and modified d3d9.dll. I just need to make it work.

horizon said...

Hi,Could you send DstileGui plugin to me?
Thanks very much!
my email's