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Friday, August 04, 2006

Worldwind KML Capabilities

On Chad Zimmerman (Earth is Square's) request I am putting together a list of supported KML Features in Worldwind 1.3.6. These have been developed by Tim(Shockfire), Chris(dumdumhead) and myself in a rather ad-hoc and as needed basis. This list may not include all combinations or recursive capabilities.

  • Point Placemark support: Lookat and Description pop-ups are enabled. Time based play-through is also supported. Look at the samples here.

  • Linestring, Polygon and MultiGeometry Support: Worldwind renderer is slightly diffrent so appearances may differ. Lines may be textured on the side.

  • ScreenOverlay support: This was developed to support legends and can be used in KML as well.

  • GroundOverlay support: This is via the ImageOverlay code.

  • Folders, Networked KML and Referenced KML support.

  • Blue icon pallette for existing Yellow Google Icon set. User specified icon pallettes can also be used.

  • KML Drag and Drop support.
I will be adding screenshots and sample files to try to this post.

In addition you can load textured Direct X models. A Model tag is in the works to make this easier.May be even Collada models will be supported and all the Quake formats.

In Worldwind you can also make massive Data and Terrain overlays using Quadtilesets and HigherResolutionTerrain subsets respectively.

KML can also be used via a push mechanism over Jabber, UDP or any other protocol as opposed to a pure polling method.

Please leave comments on features you would like to see and how you can support us.


Rolfer said...

Great, thank you for keeping us updated on WW development. By "KML drag and drop support" do you mean support for dragging placemarks to new locations on the map? This is a feature I really need. The other feature I would like is support for overlaying map files in mil formats (like CARDG, VPF, etc.). I am a new user, so if these features exist in plug-ins already, please let me know. Thanks again.

what_nick said...

Map overlays are supported for all formats supported by GDAL which is our data conversion tool.