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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I am still alive but sick

Ok did not go to work today. Stayed home sick. So I finally have time to write stuff in my blog.
A lot of small things have happened in the past few weeks. Including me buying a car, setting up a server rack. Going to a few salsa parties and movies. Regularly working on WorldWind now. Probably will get more done if I had a Windows laptop or a laptop beefy enough to run windows on qemu or vmware.

Oh forgot to mention I am receiving the award for the best Integrated Circuit Design in my year due to fortutious circumstaces. The fact that Grant was on our team and that he could not sleep so he made a 136-lambda gate.Hopefully will meet up with some of the guys there.


Derek said...

How about a pic of the car then?

Derek said...

oh, and i hopem you get well soon :)